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The One In Which Kai Is Dead

Kai sits on the stool next to me, her wide lips red, the fine lines around her eyes showing that she hasn’t slept really well for a few days. We drink and smoke, because that is what we do at … Continue reading

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Week Three: Shields and Scars

My assignment this week is to write about the parts of me that I like. Today is not that ideal day for this task; nor was yesterday or the day before that. For weeks my flaws graffiti the walls of … Continue reading

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Duet, March 1987

The woman rides the escalator up from the Red Line. Her plastic rain coat matches her red glasses. It billows around her, filling with a damp gust of subway air. She wraps the coat around her chest, catching her silhouette … Continue reading

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No, That’s Not a Chocolate (A Revenge Tale)

A new blogging challenge has started, with weekly topics suggested by bloggers in the group. The topic for the first week of February: crimes, misdemeanors, mischievous acts, acts of revenge, revenge fantasies, or felony murders. Any length. Puns or other … Continue reading

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Proof That I Cannot Write A Valentine

I sat down yesterday to write about Valentine’s Day, and this happened. Perhaps another day, I will sit down to write about heartbreak, and a bubblegum pop lyric will erupt. Who knows? This is still not finished, but I’m “airing … Continue reading

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There Will Be Spring

January, the month of reckoning. Whatever we have managed to skate by in November and December, the little indulgences that we have taken lightly, entertained, excused…all of those come home, like angry bantam cocks, to roost in our lives. With … Continue reading

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High Time to Skip the Pleasantries

First, I watched the entire 19 minutes and 17 seconds of Michelle Wolf’s speech. Clearly that was something that the vast majority of the people talking about it did not do. Then, just to be clear, I checked the most … Continue reading

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A Butter Dish, Cats, and Mr. Updike

I ate a piece of salt-rising toast today and forgot to set the cover back on the butter dish. We have a charming teal green cow-shaped butter dish, so for an hour or two the cow reclined next to the … Continue reading

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For the Love of a Dog

“I have the perfect dog for you,” the earnest volunteer said. “He’s an old soul dog. You will love him.” Rufus came into our family on a mucky, cold December day. His ears were down, but he dutifully walked into … Continue reading

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Vacation People

We were not vacation people. In my photo album there are a few black and white shots of somewhere called Christmas Park, and a year later more from Lollypop Farm. Both were amusement parks in western New York that did … Continue reading

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